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One of our main solutions is to produce online trading platforms that provide all the components necessary for all financial sectors. We provide extensive coverage to all regional and international markets while offering financial instruments that are applicable to management firms, financial institutional investors, banks and brokerage house firms that require trading in regional and international markets. We provide a multi-functional trading solutions platform to a wide range of international markets, equities, full settlement and margin. One of the best features that differ Noor Index from other trading systems is its ability to help the financial companies to give the clients the ability to follow their operation online, control the action by the daily report, and can get their products physically wherever they are and whenever they want, such as: Physical currencies and commodities, Equities (Shares, Bonds), Margin Currencies and Commodities, and Forex.



(Physical currencies and commodities) Through our technology we are able to provide a new trading method to allow clients to trade with physical currencies (EURUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, etc.) and commodities (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc.). With our ability to provide Delivery support services clients are able to build their portfolio with zero risk as per the full- settlement concept since clients receive their physical items upon their request, keeping note that there is no liquidation level for this type of account. Flexibility of our trading solutions platforms can help the end users to buy and sell the items based on its full value (full settlements).


Our trading solutions help end users to buy, sell, and follow their operation trading process based on the percentage value (margin) which will be determined by the company based on the market requirements. (Currencies and Commodities) Through this concept we can offer clients a new method of trading through giving them facilities to trade with margin percentage and supporting delivery process. In this type of account the clients can avoid the liquidation process.



forex CFD, supporting contract size concept. One of the online trading solutions which allow clients to achieve their target profits. Offering trading solutions for international markets which include all instruments: Forex, futures, contracts, indexes, treasuries, commodities, and spot metals.


We customized the trading solution through standard protocol for the equity exchange market to allow clients to connect to all stock exchange markets they desire through brokers, and give them efficient methods to follow the trading process of their securities. (Shares, Bonds) Through our technology we can link you with any brokers as a third party through our FIX protocol technology to be as a HUB in order to help you connect your clients with any market either locally or internationally.



We build trading solutions for international markets which include all instruments: Forex, futures, contracts, indices, treasuries, commodities and spot metals, which allowed the clients to achieve their target profits. Noor Index can provide your clients the ability to trade with forex OTC, supporting contract size concept.